Westborough Public Library Logo

The Westborough Public Library hired ENGAGE to develop a brand strategy and comprehensive marketing program for the 150 year old library, as they sought to build support for a significant new addition.  

Through our TrueMeaning Branding process, we discovered that while the Library was well-thought of, it was infrequently thought of, and that its relevance to the community was perceived to be limited.  Building on current research that consumer are increasingly seeking experiences rather than possessions, and that all segments of the population but particularly millennials are craving community and connection, we crafted a brand position and brand story:

Value Proposition for the Town of Westborough

The Westborough Public Library is the only town institution providing experiences that build the community and create a vibrant social fabric for all - regardless of age, interest, income, religion, education or literacy level, native language or physical ability. 

Brand Story – Public Facing

“The Westborough Public Library provides everyone in the Westborough community experiences that match your interests and enrich your life.  Our passionate staff and volunteers delight in helping you satisfy your curiosity, deepen your knowledge, explore your heritage, pursue a hobby, or simply relax.   Seven days a week, in person or online, let’s explore together. 

To relaunch the Library with this new identity, we developed the new logo, incorporating feedback from staff, volunteers, trustees and community leaders in a process that engaged stakeholders in the Library’s future.   

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