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Winooski is an example of a community that became known as a “former mill town” with a reputation for being in economic decline.  Smart investment over the past twenty years has led to a vibrant economic climate and a growing population, but lingering negative perceptions, reinforced by local and vocal misperceptions, presented a barrier to sustained economic advancement.   Winooski also has a substantial population of new Americans who are part of the vibrancy of the community.  

Through our TrueMeaning Branding, ENGAGE developed a comprehensive internal and external marketing and communications plan and a brand positioning, as well as a new logo and graphic style guide that will anchor a promotional campaign.  ​A centerpiece of the marketing plan is a program to celebrate Winooski’s 100 year legacy of welcoming new Americans – a legacy that continues to this day. 

At the City Council meeting where ENGAGE presented the final recommendations, Mayor Seth Leonard said: “I want to thank you for your work.  It’s clear that you actually learned about the community, and with all due respect to a lot of other contractors, sometimes that’s not the case.  Sometimes people roll in with a canned something that they insert the words into and that’s what you get.  We appreciate the amount of thoughtfulness that you’ve applied to your approach and the amount of time you took to learn about us.”

Winooski Vermont